Our Food Quality and the Supply Chain

The Supply Chain is made up of several different but related industries that combined are the mechanism that brings products from either the grower or processor to the end user. When this is a food product that requires refrigeration or a temperature sensitive item that requires climate control they become part of the highly specialized Cold Supply Chain.

HAACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) rules, CARB (California Air Resources Board) laws, and other legislation have encouraged an increased consumer awareness of the quality of what we consume.

This new attention to the food chain, what impact it has on the environment, and the quality of the processing, storage, and transportation process has come to be known as “Farm to Fork”.

Kim Doray

kim doray owner icebox solutionsKim has a background in accounting and is a trained legal assistant, working previously in both professions. During that time Kim participated in food & beverage new product development projects including marketing and trade show booths. In 2002 Kim was recruited to help develop a trade show booth and presentation to aid in the introduction of a new mobile and temporary ground level electric refrigeration storage product for the foodservice industry. Kim joined the team that developed the booth, sales collateral, and message for the new product line and participated in the project attending restaurant and cold supply chain trade shows nationally. The project was very successful and culminated in October of 2003 at the Anuga Trade Show for Food Service in Koln, Germany; the largest food related trade show in Europe to contribute to a start up operation in Europe offering the same product line.

John Doray

John is a highly creative and multi-talented executive manager with an accomplished background in sales and operations management including over 30 years experience in foodservice and supply chain distribution. A little over a third of John's expereince has been directly involved in the cold chain. John’s background includes executive management roles and sales positions at PLM Trailer Leasing, senior marketing assignments at Wood Flowline Products, and branch and sales promotional positions at Farmer Brothers Coffee. He has participated in successful start ups, developed strategic plans, helped to build new and emerging markets, managed mature growth markets, and been a motivational leader throughout his career. He is recognized for his ability to recruit and develop a successful team environment. John brings a rare combination of both successful sales strategy experience as well as solid operations management experience to Icebox Solutions.

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