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Real Asset Management International

Icebox Solutions is the domestic Sales Agent for RAMI's series4000; Rental and Lease Contract, mro, Billing, and Asset Management system software application

RAMI is a leading supplier of transport and logistics software to trailer, tank, intermodal, and container leasing organizations as well as shipping lines, rail operators, and freight forwarders. With over twenty years experience in the industry, RAMI provides a range of products and services to manage any size of fleet and type of equipment.

Trailer4000 – Trailer Leasing and Rental Management Software

Trailer4000 is a solution that manages the short and long term rental of trailers and other equipment, reducing the burden of administration and easing the process of managing lease agreements. The system is designed so that contracts can be set up for a customer, incorporating the general lease agreement terms and conditions, along with billing information.

Repair4000 – Logistics Maintenance and Repair Management System

Repair4000 is a maintenance and repair system that has been designed in collaboration with the leading industry experts to provide a unique software solution. The system enables costs from third party suppliers to be monitored and allocated reducing overall downtime and providing unique time-saving interfaces between repair facilities and central operations. Utilization of this software application and the corresponding reporting options will help to manage and reduce the maintenance and repair costs of transportation or logistics assets such as trailers, trucks, containers or other heavy equipment.

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