Supply Chain News

Cooltrax Fresh inTransit® Helps Schwan's Global Supply Chain, Inc. to Maintain Superior Food Freshness

The real-time cold chain tracking and monitoring solution used in the private fleet provides Schwan's Global Supply Chain, Inc. visibility and remote control

DeltaTrak, Intelleflex partner on cold chain tracking

Data tracking and cold chain management have come together in the form of a partnership between Intelleflex Inc. and DeltaTrak Inc. that will allow DeltaTrak to expand its product line

Aura electric system designed for large refrigerated trailers

Aura Systems Inc has introduced an electric system for large refrigerated trailers.

Mississippi campaign connects farmers, restaurants

Mississippi State University is part of an effort to connect restaurants with Mississippi producers to get fresh local produce to consumers. MSU’s Extension Service is promoting Eat Healthy Mississippi, a campaign sponsored by the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association. The program unites restaurant chefs seeking local foods for their menus and growers who can supply fresh fruits and vegetables. In turn, restaurant patrons will have access to healthier foods...

Energy Secretary talks alternatives for trucks

Alternative fuels are going to become necessary for the U.S. transportation industry, and especially for trucking, as the cost of petroleum alongside the risks posed by climate change will demand shifts in vehicle design strategies.

Metro New York Division of US Foods goes solar in a big way

US Foods announced that nearly 85% of its Metro New York Division’s annual energy will come from solar power by July 2012. Installation of rooftop solar panels at the warehouse in Perth-Amboy NJ is currently underway. The solar installation is the fourth at a US Foods distribution facility and another positive step in the company’s ongoing sustainability program.

TransFoil reports spike in demand for trailer side skirts

Georgia-based manufacturer TransFoil Systems reports seeing a recent spike in demand for aerodynamic trailer side skirts, citing that some trucking ...wind turbulence underneath semi trailers, refrigerated trailers, and container chassis. The ...semi trailer dry vans, refrigerated van, and container chassis ...

United Fresh takes Fresh Impact Tour to new level

The United Fresh Produce Association has launched a month-long member outreach tour that will include more than 10 town hall meetings; dozens of visits to member farms, packing facilities, wholesalers, and retailers; a Leadership Program trip to explore the Chilean produce industry; and a Fresh Impact Forum at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany.

Cronos Group gets onboard with ZESTIA reefer container units

The Cronos Group has become the first client worldwide for ZESTIA, the new low-power, high-performance container refrigeration machine from Daikin Reefer. The global container leasing company took delivery of 500 ZESTIA units during November 2011 in Qingdao, China, for installation on a batch of new 40-foot high-cube refrigerated containers destined for Japanese shipping line MOL.

RFID: Much More Than Just Cold Chain

Sensors can help differentiate between isolated occurrences of damage from ongoing ones -- and help identify the cause.

FDA Agrees to Respond on BPA Risk by March 31

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has agreed to decide by March 31, 2012 whether bisphenol A, the controversial chemical known as BPA, should be banned from use in food and beverage packaging.

Performance Food Group First in U.S. to Use DNA-based Meat Traceability System for Hamburger

Performance Food Group, one of the nation’s largest foodservice distributors, and Kansas-based IdentiGEN, a leader in meat traceability systems, have developed the first commercial solution to trace ground meat back to its origins using DNA technology.

NaturaLINE CO2-based container
refrigeration system makes debut

Carrier Transicold debuted its container refrigeration system that uses the natural refrigerant CO2 (carbon dioxide) at the Intermodal Europe Show recently, one year after the company announced it had developed and begun testing the technology.


Company to target fuel cell-power material handling for industrial food distributors

Temperature test shows inconsistencies

The next phase of the test tracked pallet temperatures of berries in refrigerated trailers. Intelleflex found as much as a 30% difference between the pallets and the ambient temperature in the trailers. During a five-day trip, about 13% of the pallets ...

Newton to be New York made

Smith Electric Vehicles Corp. announced it will add a manufacturing plant to produce its all-electric medium-duty Newton in New York State, creating 100 jobs.

The Newton has a range of up to 150 mi. and averaging operating costs that are less than one-half of a conventional diesel truck, Smith said, with comparable gross vehicle weights.

Cold Chain Innovator of the Year announced

Intelligent Thermal Solutions (ITS) makers of a five-day temperature-assured cold chain container for safely shipping pharmaceuticals and biologics worldwide has been named 2011 Innovator of the Year by the Greener Package Awards.

Solar energy packs power for Gulfport blues festival

When Gulfport's popular Tangerine Blues Festival powers up next weekend, it will largely rely on the sun - both day and night.

UPS Offers New Cold Chain Solutions

Only available through UPS, the PharmaPort 360 addresses a key industry issue of safeguarding healthcare shipments in the supply chain by enabling near real-time monitoring and maintaining product temperatures in extreme outside conditions.

Dunkin' Brands Publishes "Serving Responsibly," The Company's First Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Serving Responsibly outlines Dunkin’ Brands’ ongoing commitment to grow its business in a sustainable manner while taking into consideration the needs of guests, employees, franchisees, local communities and the environment.

Kroger Unveils Solar Energy Systems At Two Smith's Stores

Smith's Food & Drug Stores, a division of the Kroger has completed the installation of photovoltaic energy panels at two Albuquerque, New Mexico stores.

Fresh & Easy Introduces Natural Gas Vehicles to Fleet

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market announced the addition of 25 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to its distribution fleet.

Ford and Toyota join hybrid forces

It’s been no secret that OEMs across the vehicle spectrum believe hybrid technology – systems combining battery-driven electric motors with their diesel or gasoline counterparts – offers perhaps the simplest way to reduce fuel consumption in the transportation sector.

Safer Fruits and Vegetables: FDA Aims to Set Production Standards

As headlines from Europe implicate tainted vegetable sprouts in more than 4,000 illnesses and dozens of deaths, American consumers may wonder, “Could that happen here?”

Key to green trucks will be operational savings over time

Two new studies conclude that adoption rates for alternative-fueled vehicles (AFVs) will significantly climb among consumers and commercial users alike if specific “compensation” targets are achieved. In other words, the higher purchase price for AFVs – regardless of all-electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, or natural gas power – must be balanced by operational savings over time

Mid-Atlantic states float plan to dump dirtiest trucks

A program bringing together four Mid-Atlantic states promises “to offer one of the nation's most generous programs aimed at replacing old, highly polluting trucks” by focusing on drayage vehicles that shuttle freight from four ports in the region to both warehouses and local stores.

The impact of 2013 EPA Tier 4 on Reefers

It is not too early for operators of refrigerated truck and trailer fleets ... ACT Research projects that refrigerated trailer sales will exceed 40000 units ...

Rooftop solar installation begins at reefer warehouse

Gloucester Marine Terminal is partnering with solar technology leader SunPower Corporation to build the largest rooftop solar installation in North America—a 1.1-million-square-foot project on the roof of the terminal’s refrigerated warehouse near the Walt Whitman Bridge on the Delaware River.

FedEx doubling EV fleet; testing composite van

Continuing its ongoing efforts to increase the overall fuel efficiency of its fleet operations, FedEx Express is adding 24 new electric vehicles (EV)to its fleet and is testing five composite vans from Isuzu and Utilimaster.

Clean Energy Contracts with Fair Oaks Dairy Affiliate to Build & Operate a New Natural Gas Fueling Station

The station will Support a CNG Truck Fleet Set to Haul 90 Million Gallons of Milk per Year. Fleet Will Use More Than 1.5 Million Gallons of CNG Per Year

FDA unveils new global strategy to help ensure safety and quality of imported products

Strategy calls for coalitions of international regulators, increased data sharing

Electric vehicles coming of age

This could shape up to be the year that electric vehicles (EVs) finally begin to gain some serious traction, both in the commercial and automotive sectors. There are numerous electric vehicle manufacturers working in the U.S. and their trucks, vans and cars are garnering new attention in both fleet applications and in competitions.